I chose to use Jekyll precisely because it is written in a language I am not familiar with. I am only familiar with ruby in the sense that I have sometimes done gem install thisandthat and I might have once attempted a hello world in it but I think I only made it as far as puts "foo" in a terminal, before I ran into some system issues (was on a mac then, and had made the mistake of installing (by compiling) on top of the system one that the os wanted. Luckily I had backed up, but when I finally found proper informations it was too late. My initial impression was formed badly I guess. I don’t know why.

It’s just that there are so many things to learn and at some point in my life I think that I started ‘slapping my wrist’ so to speak, at the thought of learning new things, because I’d rather cover over a small area thoroughly instead of traveling great distances and missing all the bits in between.

I think people should slow down and travel no faster than the stories they can tell of a place while they pass through it. If they know nothing about a place they should probably do their best to listen.

And not interrupt.