download tkit v5.3

This blender addon provides several operators which are for selecting edges in edit mode.

Map of operator name to small description:

  • ie: inner Edges
  • oe: outer Edges
  • lon: aLONg
  • lun: Lon-UNlike
  • ef1n: Edge Face one Neighbor
  • ef2n: Edge Face two Neighbor
  • ef2np:Edge Face two Neighbor Perpendicularizational
  • ef2nx:Edge Face two Neighbor perpleXing
  • epz: End-PointZ

In the preferences for this addon, you may change the hotkey mappings.

Key modifiers are represented by a word composed of letters taken from the set of each first-letter in the modifier name, separated from the name of the key event type by a plus sign with no spaces around it.

  • ctrl
  • shift
  • alt
  • oskey

A full listing of key event types can be found in the Blender API docs here.