download vpprompt v1.1

Purpose of this addon

Simplest and most ideal method for renaming selected objects:

  • begin by pressing a hotkey
  • type the name you wish to give
  • finish by pressing enter (or cancel by pressing escape).

One should not have to click with a mouse or worry whether a such-and-such panel is open to even have a place to click.

Wouldn’t it be also nice if the name of the outer and inner did match ( object and data)? I thought so too. If you don’t think so, that can be configured by unchecking the rename_data box in the addon’s preferences.

Also, if you are in edit mode of an armature, it works to rename selected bones, and does not rename the armature itself. If you don’t want this, that is also configurable in the prefs.

And last but not least, there is a setting quit_with_q which is to let you quit blender using the same key sequence as you would use to exit vim. This feature is not enabled by default.

In the User Preferences for this addon, You may change the color, fontsize, and position of the Viewport Prompt display, as well as which key to bind it to.

The key which the operator is bound to can be is customisable by entering the name of a keypress event type in the map_to property.

See here for a list of other acceptable values: bpy.types.KeyMapItem